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The Haddock Firm is a full service law firm dedcated to the service of our clients. We have a very successful history in various forms of litigation; partnership structuring and planning; planning, structuring, and analyzing operations of charitable foundations; all aspects of real estate and real estate financial transactions; corporate acquisitions, spinoffs, and dispositions.

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The Haddock Firm, LLP provides in-house legal services to Haddock Investments and its clients in connection with private equity investments and the purchase, development and sale of real estate, particularly focusing on "Build-to-Suit" opportunities. Additionally, the Haddock Firm, LLP provides legal services to Premier Marketing Team in its operation and expansion. Premier Marketing Team is engaged in the healthcare insurance business and is principally owned by Haddock Investments. Further, the Haddock Firm, LLP provides legal services to two charitable organizations, the Haddock Center and the Haddock Foundation, both of which are 501(c)(3) corporations.

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