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Legal Services
Legal Services

Gerald Haddock has represented clients in various types of tax litigation and controversy matters, litigation involving real estate purchases and sales, litigation involving anti-trust matters, and controversies involving government investigations, prosecutions, and general securities matters. Recent matters include:
  • The Haddock Firm on behalf of its client successfully opposed a petition to take pre-suit depositions in connection with free speech matters concerning campaign mailers and the applicability of the Texas election code pursuant to Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 202.

  • Successfully obtained a ruling from the 2nd Court of Appeals requiring the trial judge to abate a fee dispute case and a malpractice case until the completion of the case to which the fee dispute and the malpractice was allegedly related was in fact completed.

  • Effectively defended a client against an alleged unauthorized access into an email account.

  • Obtained summary judgment against a third-party plaintiff and counterclaim plaintiff relating to various business claims which awarded attorney's fees.

  • Partnerships
    Throughout his career Gerald Haddock has been involved with creating partnerships for inverstments and for corporations. On behalf of its clients, the Haddock Firm is actively engaged in the formation of Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs), and Limited Partnerships (LPs), among others. Many of these partnerships relate to land development transactions.

    Real Estate
    The Haddock Firm provides legal representation and services to several investor partnerships. Our services include land acquisitions and sales, easement agreements, build-to-suit arrangements, sale lease back agreements, construction contracts, financing related real estate transactions, and other related legal matters.

    To learn more about available real estate opportunities with the Haddock Firm and other Haddock Enterprise entitites, visit the real estate section of

    Charitable Foundations
    The Haddock Firm works with two additional charitable Haddock entities - the Haddock Center and the Haddock Foundation. Both are 501(c)(3) corporations.

    The Haddock Firm represented clients in a proxy contest for Sabine Royalty Trust in 1999. The firm managed the execution of the proxy contest.

    The Haddock Firm also represents Haddock Investments in financial matters, bank loans, real estate transactions, and other acquisitions.

    Recently the Haddock Firm represented Haddock Investments in the develpment and operations of Premier Marketing Team, LLC, a provider of value-based insurance products. To learn more about PMT, visit


    The Haddock Firm, LLP provides in-house legal services to Haddock Investments and its clients in connection with private equity investments and the purchase, development and sale of real estate, particularly focusing on "Build-to-Suit" opportunities. Additionally, the Haddock Firm, LLP provides legal services to Premier Marketing Team in its operation and expansion. Premier Marketing Team is engaged in the healthcare insurance business and is principally owned by Haddock Investments. Further, the Haddock Firm, LLP provides legal services to two charitable organizations, the Haddock Center and the Haddock Foundation, both of which are 501(c)(3) corporations.

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